Are ioTech Products Effective Against COVID-19 Coronavirus?    We Don’t Know!

Our products have never been tested against the COVID-19 strain. In independent laboratory testing, they did successfully destroy the normal Coronavirus strain (#229E). The following information may help to answer this question:

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Amidst widespread concern about the spread of Coronavirus, ioTech has been inundated with inquiries about the effectiveness of its products to help control Coronavirus disease transmission. As a Company policy, ioTech makes no specific antimicrobial or therapeutic claims for its products. For concerned professionals, we would advise that you stringently follow established CDC guidelines for barrier protection and infection control. That said, ioTech does have efficacy testing data from independent laboratories about our products, and others that we feel a responsibility to share with you.

The following is a sampling of these data:

1. In March, 2014, ioRinse Oral Rinse (at a concentration of 25 ppm of molecular iodine) was tested for its’ efficacy against the normal Human Coronavirus strain 229E and Rhinovirus type 14 strain 1059, two prominent upper respiratory viruses at a 30 second exposure. The testing was conducted at Bioscience Laboratories, Bozeman, Montana and also included testing on the following antiseptic mouth rinses (Colgate Total, Scope Classic and Listerine Ultraclean). None of the other mouth rinses were effective against either Coronavirus or Rhinovirus. ioRinse completely inactivated both Coronavirus and Rhinovirus at 25 ppm molecular iodine. Today, ioRinse RTU is formulated at 100 ppm molecular iodine …. 4 times the amount of iodine active.

2. Chlorhexidine gluconate is a poor antiviral agent and is not effective against Coronavirus. In a landmark study on Human Coronavirus, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Lorraine evaluated the efficacy of chlorhexidine gluconate against Coronavirus. At a concentration of 5.0% (42 times stronger than 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse) and at one full hour of exposure, the chlorhexidine solution still failed the European efficacy standard as an antiviral agent against Coronavirus (Viruses, November 2012, 4, 3044-3068).

3. In January, 2015 an ioTech hand sanitizer was tested on human volunteers in Scotland and exceeded the European efficacy standards as an effective hand sanitizer (BluTest Laboratories Limited, Glascow, UK). ioGel contains 200 ppm of molecular iodine.

4. A 25 ppm ioTech molecular iodine solution completely inactivated Norovirus within 90 seconds. (by comparison, ioRinse RTU contains 100 ppm molecular iodine; ioGel contains 200 ppm molecular iodine and the at-use concentration of ioRinse Concentrated irrigant contains 50 ppm of molecular iodine). Norovirus is an extremely resilient, non-enveloped virus responsible for 22.5 million of the 48 million cases of foodborne illnesses that occur annually in the U.S. (ATS Laboratories, Eagan, MN 2014).


IoTech International was founded 5 years ago by a dentist and two chemists who converted a Florida garage into a laboratory. The founders knew of the incredible power of molecular iodine to rapidly destroy a broad spectrum of pathogenic microbes. They also knew that, as deadly as iodine is to germs, it is amongst the safest of all substances to humans. So safe, in fact, that it is actually an essential nutrient, necessary for our health.

For decades, scientists have been confronted with a paradox that, for 50 years has been unsolvable. Water-based iodine antiseptics are used globally for their superior germ-killing properties. However, the only biocidal (germ killing) form of iodine is molecular iodine. For every atom of molecular iodine, in these antiseptics, there are over 10,000 atoms of other types of iodine, which have no capacity to kill microbes but contribute greatly to staining and toxicity. The paradox simply stated is “that which is present in least supply, contributes the greatest efficacy”.

Our intrepid band of founders toiled mightily for 3 years to develop stable molecular iodine formulations that boost the active molecular iodine concentrations by more than 100 fold, while reducing the non-active, but toxic, forms of iodine to a mere fraction of their former presence. Having successfully developed the underlying core technology, with a U.S. patent granted and with patent applications pending globally, the company moved into larger quarters suitable to support its multiple international initiatives. Dental Products based on this innovative technology have been tested and have received “best in class” ratings from a well known and highly respected, independent, dental research organization.

IoTech’s technology is now being introduced into agricultural, medical and dental sectors. Within the dental sector, products are being developed for use in periodontal treatment, caries control, wound healing and infection control (pre-procedural rinses, topical anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial products).

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